Sunday, July 4, 2010


The heart,
Honest, and open, and gratitude driven,
Yearns for more and more –
To give, to share, to live
And become.

The taste of freedom
Exquisitely flavored, ceaselessly stirs.
It moves, arouses, and inspires,
Compelling many acts
To greater distance.

Each pass of freedom plunges the heart
Deeper in devotion, richer in loyalty
And stronger in love,
With a never ending search
For more.

Abraham sought to be, as others,
A greater follower of righteousness.
He searched and obtained
Both door and key
To his exaltation.

The pathway to more, the door and the key,
Are tied as with a ribbon,
Inseparably connecting
Our will with God’s
And the supernal powers of heaven.

And yet, all this is tied to more.

Judiciously granted, one choice at a time,
Is the power to act
Without feeling acted upon.
This is my choosing.

Sin is bondage,
And temptation is testing.
Each time I yield up my sins,
My freedom is increased
With more.

So here I spread my fears and my doubts,
My many bondages I cling to.
I extract all the parasitical things
I’ve acquired in life
And I offer.

Both hoping and waiting,
I follow the path of Abraham
Towards things that are greater.
As he was tried, I’ll take up my test.
I’ll leave my spread behind.

And yet, all this is tied to more.

God has promised to give
All that He has
To those who believe that he will -
More holiness given, increasingly able,
And only my sins to lose.

Trusting, I cast from my heart
All that God requires
With the harmful removed,
And place made ready,
He returns to me my desires.

God spoke to Abraham,
Of sand in the ocean, and stars in the heaven.
Count them, He said. All will be given.
The faithful who wait will yet receive,
In His due time.

Abraham 1:2

D&C 101:4-5

Genesis 22:17

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