Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mindswept with noise and distraction,
Ubiquitous sounds that permeate and tangle my thoughts,
I savor the unique familiarity that calls my name
With resonant feeling,
Opening doors to things I once felt.

Today, I retrieve and gather
The seeming remnants of purpose that span forever,
Spoken with a soft and gentle voice,
A constant presence,
To find answers of hope and clarity.

Intently I listen to calming words,
Attempting to cut through the ever present raucous
That shrouds my understanding
In order to see
Things as they really are.

There is elegant beauty about the voice
Contrasting the sharp emptiness of what I know not
With understanding that lightly distills
On heart and soul,
Leaving lasting impressions.

Whether the voice of a dear friend, servant or Master,
I cherish the conversations that repeat greater meanings
Each in like pattern of that most familiar,
Still and small,
Voices within a voice.

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