Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm not much of a grduge holder, but last night I was intrigued by a story that President Thomas S. Monson told in the priesthood session of General Conference about a couple who had some serious grudges. Ouch. Whether or not that sounds like you, there are times where a grudge can seem like a really good idea. I think it is worth thinking twice.

I’m angry still!
I feel so good when I hold out.
Of all the friends that could have stung,
It’s you this had to be about.

It wasn’t much, but just enough
To make my patience crawl.
Can I pretend that things are good?
Instead I’ll nail it to the wall.

I’ll build more walls with thorny looks
And silent words that stay unthought.
“So there!” Oh, oops. Two words slipped through
To help connect the dot-to-dot.

And then I wake to see my room
With thorns and scrawls, and me alone.
Does anger really feel so good,
When peace is knocked down from its throne?

I wipe the scrawls between the dots,
And pull the thorn on which I stepped.
I see the clock and wonder at
How many hours of sting it’s kept.

It’s been too long since I have thought
About my friend and what we share.
If truth be told, I’d rather have
More friends than walls forever there.

What I Believe…

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