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Signs of the Second Coming

The act of looking for a sign is an interesting thing, particularly the signs of when Jesus Christ will come again in glory. On one hand, the Savior warned against an adulterous generation who seeks for a sign. (Matthew 16:4) On the other, the Lord also commanded His disciples to watch for the signs of His coming. (Matthew 24:42) This comparison is worth pondering when studying the topic of the Second Coming. A more specific question to ask is, “Am I looking for signs as proof or for hope?” I think intent will determine whether the topic is sensational or spiritual.

In preparation for stake conference this weekend, I have been thinking of some scriptures that pertain to the signs of the Second Coming. I am listing them here as a reference, not as a talk or a message, but a compilation of topics grouped by specific signs. For someone who may not be familiar with the signs recorded in the scriptures, this list will provide an overview of these events.

I have listed some of the scriptural references pertaining to these signs in five categories. “Long before” refers to events that were to take place long before the Lord’s coming. “Sometime before” refers to events that will precede the Second Coming but do not have a specific timeframe. “Just before” refers to events that the scriptures say will occur just before His Coming. “After” refers to events that will take place following His coming and “Near the end” lists some signs that are often included with the signs of the times but will pertain to the end of the Millennium.

No effort has been made to predict the order of these latter-day events except to follow the order in which these scriptural references appear in their respective accounts. This summary does group each of the scriptural accounts with like scriptures that relate to the sign being described. Thus, each of the bolded words or phrases refer to a specific or related sign of the time. This list does not contain all signs of the Second Coming, but does group those found in Daniel 7, Joseph Smith Matthew, and sections 29, 45, 88, 116, and 133 of the Doctrine & Covenants.

Lastly, there are some notes I have made for my own use which are typed in blue. This includes questions I have pondered and notes that help to understand how some of the signs relate to others.

If you have read this far, perhaps it is because you have some interest in understanding the signs of the second coming. I hope this list of scriptural references is helpful in your own personal study.

What I Believe…


Long before

False Christs. Many will say that they are Christ and will deceive many.
JSM 1:6

The apostles will be hated and killed.
JSM 1:7

Many will be offended, and will hate and betray one another.
JSM 1:8

False prophets will arise.
JSM 1:9

The love of many will wax cold.
JSM 1:10

Abomination of Desolation
Stand in the holy place when you see the abomination of desolation
JSM 1:12

Temple, and Jerusalem to be destroyed
D&C 45:18-20
JSM 1:3

Judah will flee to the mountains.
JSM 1:13-17

Great tribulation on the Jews, which are the beginning of their sorrows.
JSM 1:18-19

Those days will be shortened for the elects sake.
JSM 1:20

Scattering of Israel
Israel will be scattered among all nations
D&C 45:19, 24

Sometime before

Continued apostasy
Again, false Christs and false prophets will arise showing great signs and wonders to deceive the elect. He will not be in the desert or secret places.
JSM 1:22, 25

The Lord will hasten His work
D&C 88:73 (this is a prophecy for the last days)

Wars and commotion
In the times of the Gentiles there will be wars and rumors of wars, the earth will be in commotion, men’s hearts will fail them, they will say that God delays His coming. The love of men shall wax cold. Fear will come upon all people.
D&C 45:26-27
D&C 88:91
JSM 1:23, 28-29, 30

In spite of earthquakes and desolations, men will take up the sword and kill one another.
D&C 45:33

Preaching of the gospel
Angels (first mention) will fly in the midst of heaven to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.
D&C 88:92
D&C 133:17

Angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel will appear unto many.
D&C 133:36

The gospel will be preached unto every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
D&C 133:37
JSM 1:31

The servants of God will say: Fear God, and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come. Worship Him.
D&C 133:38-39

In the times of the Gentiles the gospel will be taken to those who sit in darkness. Many will not receive it because of the precepts of men.
D&C 45:28-29

In this generation the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled
D&C 45:30

Parable of the fig tree – when the light begins to break forth, summer is nigh at hand.
D&C 45:36-38
JSM 1:38

Gathering of Israel
The elect will be gathered like eagles to the carcass from the four quarters of the earth.
JSM 1:27

Restoration of scattered Israel
D&C 45:17

Remnant will remain scattered until the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled
D&C 45:25

The remnant will be gathered to their place
D&C 45:43

Watching for signs
Those that fear the Lord will look for the great day of the Lord to come, even the signs of His coming.
D&C 45:39

Those who don’t watch for the signs will be cut off.
D&C 29:11
D&C 45:44

The servants of God will pray that He will come down and rend the heavens, and cause the mountains to flow down. Their prayer will be answered.
D&C 133:40-41

The Lord has prepared great things for those who wait for Him.
D&C 133:45

Watch, for you know not the day nor the hour that the Lord will come. Be ready.
JSM 1:40, 46, 48

Signs and wonders
There will be signs and wonders in heaven and on earth.
D&C 45:40

Blood, fire, and vapors of smoke.
D&C 45:40-41
(See also “signs in heaven” below)

There shall be famines.
JSM 1:29

A desolation sickness will cover the land.
D&C 45:31

JSM 1:29

Holy Places
Disciples will stand in holy places.
D&C 45:32

The wicked will curse God and die.
D&C 45:32

Earthquakes and desolations
There will be earthquakes and many desolations in diverse places.
D&C 45:33
D&C 88:87-89
D&C 133:40
JSM 1:29

Testimony of thunder, lightning, tempests, and waves that heave themselves beyond their bounds
D&C 88:90

Zion, The New Jerusalem
The Lord will stand upon Mount Zion, the New Jerusalem with 144,000 with the name of the Father written on their foreheads.
D&C 133:18
D&C 84:2

The New Jerusalem will be a land of peace, a city of refuge, and a place of safety.
D&C 45:66

The wicked will not come to Zion because of the glory and terror of the Lord which will be upon it.
D&C 45:67, 70

Those among the wicked who don’t want to fight will need to flee to Zion.
D&C 45:68

Righteous people from every nation will be gathered there.
D&C 45:68, 71

Those among the Gentiles are to flee to Zion.
D&C 133:12

The Lord will utter His voice out of Zion. (When?)
D&C 133:21

Return of the city of Enoch (Not sure if this will be before, at, or after.)
D&C 45:11-14

Those among the Jews are to flee to Jerusalem, and the mountains of the Lord’s house. (Is this referring to the Mount of Olives rather than the temple?)
D&C 133:13

The Lord will speak from Jerusalem. (When?)
D&C 133:21

Ocean and Islands
The Lord to stand upon the ocean and the islands.
D&C 133:20

Land returns
Voice of many waters and thunder will break down the mountains. The valleys shall not be found.
D&C 133:22

The lands of Jerusalem and Zion will be returned to their own place as it was before it was divided.
D&C 133:22

Water returns
The great deep will be driven back into the north countries. The islands will become one land.
D&C 133:23

Gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman
Adam, the Ancient of Days, meets at Adam-ondi-Ahman. 1 million minister to him. 100 million stand before him. The Son of Man comes and is given dominion, glory, and a kingdom that all people will serve Him.
Daniel 7:9-14
D&C 116:1

Great hailstorm that will destroy the crops of the earth. (Before or after the famine?)
D&C 29:16

Vengeance on the wicked. Flies and maggots will devour their flesh. Tongues shall be stayed. Flesh will fall off their bones, and eyes from their sockets. Beasts and fowls will devour them. (Why won’t the beasts and fowls be affected? Or will they?)
D&C 29:16-20

Just before

Abomination of desolation
Daniel’s vision of the abomination of desolation will again be fulfilled.
JSM 1:32

Mount of Olives
Jesus will stand on the Mount of Olives and it will cleave in two creating a great valley.
D&C 45:48
D&C 133:20
Zech 14:4-7

Jews will ask about the tokens in Jesus’ hands and feet. They will know Jesus is the Son of God and will weep.
D&C 45:51-53

Signs in heaven
Immediately after angels (first mention in D&C 88) fly through the midst of heaven to prepare the way, a great sign will appear in heaven, and all people will see it together.
D&C 88:93

Another angel (second mention, “first trump?”) will sound his trump regarding the mother of abominations, the great and abominable church, and all nations will hear it.
D&C 88:94

There will be silence in heaven for half an hour.
D&C 88:95

Immediately after, the curtain of heaven will be unfolded as a scroll. The face of the Lord shall be unveiled. (I’m not certain as to when the other signs in heaven will occur, whether before or after.)
D&C 88:95

Sun darkened, moon turned to blood, stars will fall, greater signs
D&C 29:14
D&C 45:42
D&C 88:87
D&C 133:49
JSM 1:33

The heavens will shake
D&C 45:48
JSM 1:33
(See also “signs and wonders” above)

The Lord Appears
The Lord will reveal Himself in the clouds with the hosts of heaven.
D&C 29:11
D&C 45:44

The Lord will come in power and glory.
D&C 29:11
D&C 45:16
JSM 1:36

As the light of the morning comes out of the east, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.
JSM 1:26

Judgment of the righteous
The Twelve in Jerusalem will Judge the House of Israel.
D&C 29:12

Righteous dead will be resurrected, trump will sound (second mention, “first trump?”), earth will quake.
D&C 29:13
D&C 88:98
D&C 133:56

The heathen nations who knew no law will be resurrected
D&C 45:54

Meeting in the cloud
Two will be in the field, or the mill, and one will be taken.
JSM 1:44-45

The Lord will meet those who rejoice and work righteousness and remember Him.
D&C 133:44

The saints who are alive will be quickened and caught up to meet the Lord in the cloud.
D&C 88:96

The saints who have slept will meet the Lord in the cloud.
D&C 45:45
D&C 88:97

The parable of the ten virgins will be fulfilled. Those who are wise will not be cast into the fire.
D&C 45:56

Voice of the Lord
The Lord will utter his voice, and the ends of the earth shall hear it.
D&C 45:49

Second Trump: Redemption from spirit prison
Another angel (third mention, “second trump”) will sound. Those who accepted the gospel in the spirit world will be resurrected
D&C 88:99

The adversaries of the Lord will tremble at His presence when He does terrible things that they aren’t looking for.
D&C 133:42

The arm of the Lord will fall upon all nations.
D&C 45:47

The Lord will make bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations.
D&C 133:42

The Lord will come down in garments dyed red.
D&C 133:46-48

Wicked will burn
The presence of the Lord will be as a melting fire that burns and causes waters to boil.
D&C 133:3

Wicked will be burned as stubble that wickedness will not be on the earth
D&C 29:9
D&C 45:50
D&C 133:64
Malachi 4:1

The great and abominable church will be cast down by fire.
D&C 29:21

Third Trump: Those who will remain in spirit prison
Another angel (fourth mention, “third trump”) will sound. Those in spirit prison who are condemned will remain the thousand years are ended.
D&C 88:100-101

Fourth Trump: Sons of perdition
Another angel (fifth mention, “fourth trump”) will sound. There are those among those who will remain in the spirit prison those who will remain filthy still (sons of perdition)
D&C 88:102

Fifth Trump: The hour of judgment has come
Another angel (sixth mention, “fifth trump”) will sound. All people, in heaven, in earth, and under the earth shall hear: Fear God, and give glory to him who sitteth upon the throne, forever and ever; for the hour of his judgment has come.
D&C 88:103-104

Sixth Trump: She is fallen
Another angel (seventh mention, “sixth trump”) will sound. The whore of all the earth is fallen.
D&C 88:105

Seventh Trump: It is finished
Another angel, Michael the archangel, (eighth mention, “seventh trump”) will sound. The Lamb of God hath overcome and trodden the wine-press alone
D&C 88:106

The angels will be crowned with the glory. The saints shall be filled with His Glory, receive their inheritance, and be made equal with the Lamb in power, might, and dominion.
D&C 76:95
D&C 88:107

Repeated Trumps: Revealing the secret acts of men, Satan is bound
The first angel will sound his trump again, revealing the secret acts of men and the mighty works of God in the first thousand years. Each of the other angels will do the same making known these things for each thousand years until the seventh.
D&C 88:108-109

The seventh angel will sound his trump and will swear that there is time no longer, and Satan will be not be loosed for a thousand years.
D&C 88:110


Satan will be bound
Satan will have no place in the hearts of men.
D&C 45:55

The earth will be an inheritance
Those who were wise, like the five virgins, will multiply and their children will grow up without sin.
D&C 45:58

The Lord will reign
The Lord will dwell with men on earth a thousand years.
D&C 29:11

The Lord will be in the midst of the righteous. He will be their king and their lawgiver.
D&C 45:59

The Lord will stand in the midst of His people and will reign over all flesh.
D&C 133:25

The return of the Lost Tribes of Israel
(Not sure if this is before or after the second coming. It comes after D&C 133:25 which is commonly associated with the millennial reign. The references are placed here as a placeholder.)

Those in the north countries will come in remembrance of the Lord.
D&C 133:26

The prophets of the Lost Tribes will hear the Lords voice and will no longer stay themselves.
D&C 133:26

They will smite the rocks and the ice and it will flow down at their presence. A highway shall be cast up in the great deep.
D&C 133:26-27

Their enemies will be a prey to them.
D&C 133:28

There will be pools of water in barren deserts.
D&C 133:29

The Lost Tribes will bring their rich treasures to Ephraim.
D&C 133:30

The everlasting hills will tremble at their presence.
D&C 133:31

They will be crowned with glory by Ephraim in Zion.
D&C 133:32

Judah will be sanctified
Judah will be sanctified after their pain so that they can dwell in the presence of God.
D&C 133:35

Near the End

Wickedness returns
When the thousand years are ended, men will begin to deny God.
D&C 29:22

A little season
The earth is spared for a little season
D&C 29:22

Satan will be loosed for a little season to gather his armies.
D&C 88:111

The Battle of the Great God
Michael will gather his armies, even the hosts of heaven.
D&C 88:112

The devil will gather his armies, even the hosts of hell to come up to battle with Michael and his armies.
D&C 88:113

Then cometh the battle of the great God, the devil and his armies will be cast away. Michael will overcome him.
D&C 88:114-115

The resurrection
Before the end, Michael will sound his trump and the righteous will be resurrected.
D&C 29:22

The end
Heaven and earth shall be consumed and pass away. A new heaven and a new earth.
D&C 29:22

The beginning
The earth abideth the laws of the celestial kingdom and will be quickened after it passes away, and the righteous will inherit it.
D&C 88:25-26


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